Tuesday, April 16, 2013

S.A.Q.A. Membership Discount fom me to you!

Calling all art quilt friends...!  Internationally renowned  Studio Art Quilt Associates (S.A.Q.A.) have authorized some teaching members (lucky me) to offer a membership discount.  Check out S.A.Q.A. at their web site (SAQA.com).   S.A.Q.A. has thousands of members all around the world with many exhibition and growth opportunities.   Should you wish to give it a try, sign up using my authorized 10% membership discount code:  PBW.  

http://www.saqa.com/membership.php?ID=1661 (click here)

and check out their upcoming affordable on line art quilt auction later this year (September) ...at

http://www.saga.com/auction (click here)

More auction quilts will be added as time goes on. :-)

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