Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 International Festival - 2nd Place

In some competitive circles, 2nd place might be a disappointment... but not at IQA-Houston, easily recognized as the prominent International Competition for contemporary quilters creating both art and traditional work. This competition category is sponsored by Ricky Tims. "Thank you", Mr. Tims! IQA further honored this piece with a full page photo in the annual festival magazine called "QUILT SCENE!" (available at festival and magazine counters)

Patt's newest art piece: "In Quito's Market" features a young Ecuadorian child in the dirt plaza market in the country's capital. There, some children play surrounded by filth and thievery as their parents work to support their children. Little Maria had 2 toys... an empty box and a twisted piece of paper.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oct 5th.. Featured on

Windsong is one of my favorite pieces (this was a beautiful horse)... and I'm told it will be featured on website on October 5th. Very nice honor.

Sept 2010 Setting Sail

Sept 29 Setting sail from Los Angeles for a round trip quilting cruise to Hawaii with Deb Roberts I have 4 at sea teaching days and supplies are packed and ready! Can't wait!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Planning for 2012 at Asilomar

Out of the blue... Empty Spools called me this weekend to book/teach for them in April 2012. Sounds cool to me. I'm thrilled with the idea of taking my painted quilt art class across 5 days to include quilting art!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

" In Quito's Market" will ribbon at Houston.

A great call came today telling me my 2010 entry at Houston IQA will get some sort of cash prize in November. It could be anywhere from judges choice to first place and no one ( but IQA) will know til the awards night November 2nd.
I am thrilled as this piece means alot to me. I photographed this young girl last year in Ecuador's capital. WE are soooo lucky to be living in this country.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010 Houston IQA Silent Auction Donation

'Going to Houston International Quilt Festival this November??? The following donated small quilt has been shipped for their scholarship fundraiser silent auction held during the festival. This very painting was featured on my November '09 510episode of with Ricky Tims. There are 79 spectacular buys available from many national/international artists. Stevii Graves of IQA made this happen. Way to go Stevii.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On The Cover- Machine Quilting Unlimited !!!

The premiere magazine for those that complete the quilt process has honored me with both a cover photo and cover story. The September 2010 issue is now in the mail to subscribers. Thank You to this wonderful magazine that offers so much information for domestic and longarm quilters. The several page article inside includes quilt pics and stories of their and my quilting origin. There's a great article too by friend Laura Peterson describing the creation of her incredible quilt.. THE QUILT SHOW!!!
Check out www.MQUMAG.COM for more info about the magazine.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Patt featured in new "Mixed Media and Color Book"

This is one cool book, written by Acrylic Artist Chris Cozen. I have 5 completed quilts in this book and lots of input from me thru Chris. While Chris was already an accomplished Acrylic artist, she was looking for input/inspiration from quilters on how the newer acrylics might complement the art quilters toolbelt. Last July, several art quilter types visited Chris' lovely and fun studio in Pasadena Ca. We 'played' and experimented for 2 days straight. That play weekend launched Chris into a frenzy of added experimentation resulting in this great book. I confess, I historically bad mouthed acrylics as creating a miserable 'hand' on the fabric. Not so anymore. Golden's new Airbrush, Fluid, and Open (tradenames) offer lots of possibilities on fabric. YEAH!
This book is published by Design Originals out of Texas. I've seen other books by this publisher at Michaels so it may ultimately be found there, but is also presently available on Design Originals ordering site:

Check it Out!!! Sorry... I can't show you more.You'll need to buy one as Chris has loaded this book with tons of ideas/information.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 Big Wins at Road To California :-)

2010 Road opens at preview tomorrow night. I'm thrilled to have been notified that 2 of my entries took important prizes.
WINTER HUNT - Best Pictorial Quilt

PROUD HERTIAGE - Best Painted Surface