Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Patt featured in new "Mixed Media and Color Book"

This is one cool book, written by Acrylic Artist Chris Cozen. I have 5 completed quilts in this book and lots of input from me thru Chris. While Chris was already an accomplished Acrylic artist, she was looking for input/inspiration from quilters on how the newer acrylics might complement the art quilters toolbelt. Last July, several art quilter types visited Chris' lovely and fun studio in Pasadena Ca. We 'played' and experimented for 2 days straight. That play weekend launched Chris into a frenzy of added experimentation resulting in this great book. I confess, I historically bad mouthed acrylics as creating a miserable 'hand' on the fabric. Not so anymore. Golden's new Airbrush, Fluid, and Open (tradenames) offer lots of possibilities on fabric. YEAH!
This book is published by Design Originals out of Texas. I've seen other books by this publisher at Michaels so it may ultimately be found there, but is also presently available on Design Originals ordering site:


Check it Out!!! Sorry... I can't show you more.You'll need to buy one as Chris has loaded this book with tons of ideas/information.