Thursday, February 19, 2009

I showed up on The Quilt Blog.

What a nice surprise!
Staff from The Quilt were at the January Road to California Show and have posted snapshots of my "Road" exhibit on their daily blog. Very cool of them!

Go to and click on the tab labeled Daily Blog or paste this URL link in your browser.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New CD Patterns and Followalong Guides

For some time, students have been asking I make patterns that I bring to class available in commercial form. Before I did that, I felt (I'm a teacher at heart) that I needed to create a step by step, color by color photo follow along guide.... which ofcourse meant repainting and photographing/documenting as I went. That's now done for four patterns and are now available from (though they aren't on the website as of yesterday). You can email though and they can fill your order til the web site is made current. These are economic! $10 retail (Jukebox may offer some specials... their call) They include printable pdf drawings in 2 sizes...8 1/2 x 11 so you can enlarge to any size you want and one preformatted to print at 18"x24" the step by step photo/text guide. Click on Products/Resources link to move to Jukebox website.
CD drawings and guides include:
Tiger Eyes
King (the lion)
Santa's Secret
Southern Grace (Magnolia)
The back cover of each disk identifies the specific ink colors/markers I used tho I love it when people change to their "own ideas." distributes both these CDs and the used products so I'm certain they would pull and ship a personal kit.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Taping the QUILTSHOW.COM in Mar 2009

How cool is this?? On Mar 12, I will take flight to Colorado Springs, drive to Ricky Timms studio in LaVeta Colorado for a Mar 13 segment tapeing of "Drawing and Painting for People Who Don't!" This should be tons of fun (yes I'm a bit nervous). Check out the quilt gallery at ..... Only members view the resulting show ('will post here when I know the date it will be released) but everyone can see a sample show for free, and see quilts posted by members. Check it out. News update on this later. :-) ...... Patt Blair

FONS and PORTERS Love Of Quilting

A forthcoming issue of FONs and PORTERs Love of Quilting Magazine will feature my piece shown and ribboned at the International Quilt Festival (Nov 08) ... "Windsong"

Winter 2008/2009 MQU Magazine Photo

The last page of each MQU magazine is reserved for a quilt the editors thought to be an interesting quilt. My piece "Endangered" was shown as the Winter issue '"jawdropper" choice.

SPRING 2009 Thread- The Linear Paint Article in MQUmagazine

The Spring Issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited (due out end of Mar 2009) contains my article titled "Thread- The Linear Paint"... touching on selecting thread colors atop your quilt. I think you might find the info and photos interesting!

If you machine quilt (be it long arm or domestic) Machine Quilting Unlimited is a pretty nice 4 times a year subscription magazine by Meander Publishing ( cool name).
There are NO quilt top patterns in this magazine... It's about the quilting of finished tops. Check it out at