Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New CD Patterns and Followalong Guides

For some time, students have been asking I make patterns that I bring to class available in commercial form. Before I did that, I felt (I'm a teacher at heart) that I needed to create a step by step, color by color photo follow along guide.... which ofcourse meant repainting and photographing/documenting as I went. That's now done for four patterns and are now available from JukeboxQuilts.com (though they aren't on the website as of yesterday). You can email customerservice@jukeboxquilts.com though and they can fill your order til the web site is made current. These are economic! $10 retail (Jukebox may offer some specials... their call) They include printable pdf drawings in 2 sizes...8 1/2 x 11 so you can enlarge to any size you want and one preformatted to print at 18"x24"..plus the step by step photo/text guide. Click on Products/Resources link to move to Jukebox website.
CD drawings and guides include:
Tiger Eyes
King (the lion)
Santa's Secret
Southern Grace (Magnolia)
The back cover of each disk identifies the specific ink colors/markers I used tho I love it when people change to their "own ideas." Jukeboxquilts.com distributes both these CDs and the used products so I'm certain they would pull and ship a personal kit.

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